An epic land full of Glaciers, Lakes, and Valleys, Glacier National Park represents the best of what the US National Park system has to offer.

Located in Northern Montana on the border with Canada, Glacier National Park remains one of the most visited National Parks in the United States, attracting nearly 3 million visitors per year. Managed by the Park Service since 1910 (Taft), Glacier National Park represents just one half of over a million acres of protected land that includes the bordering Canadian “Waterton Lakes National Park.”

Easy to navigate, full of wildlife, and abundant in day hikes, Glacier National Park is easily one of the best National Parks to visit. Here are my photos from my recent trip:

Overlooking Hidden Lake

Overlooking “Hidden Lake”

Looking into Glacier NP

Bighorn Sheep Glacier National Park

A Bighorn Sheep stares me down while looking for food left behind by tourists

Glacial Reflection

Side of Cliff

Glacier National Park Waterfall

A large waterfall near the “Many Glaciers” entrance of the Park

Summer Sunrise at Lake McDonald

Sunrise at Lake McDonald

Glacier National Park Valley

Glacier National Park Valley

Glacier Stands Alone

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