The Grand Palace, Lehman Caves

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Great Basin

Standing alone as Nevada’s only National Park, Great Basin is a land of geological extremes, with a 13,000-foot mountain towering above and vibrant cave lurking below.

Located in the remote region of eastern Nevada and named after the desert it resides in, Great Basin National Park is a surprisingly vibrant landscape full of mountains, lakes, and valleys. Historically famous for the Lehman Caves- an epic limestone labyrinth that lies just beneath the Park’s surface- the Park reaches a maximum height of 13,000 feet at the summit of the ever-present Wheeler Peak.

A National Park since 1986 (Reagan), Great Basin remains a lightly visited Park, receiving just 148,000 visitors per year; however, those who decide to make the trek out there are rewarded with a beautiful, uninterrupted landscape free of commercial obstruction or distraction.

Here are my photos from this Park:

The View From Wheeler Peak, Great Basin

The View from the top of Wheeler Peak

Lehman Caves Great Basin

One of the many odd colored formations in Lehman Cave

Overlooking the Great Basin

Overlooking Great Basin National Park

Giant's Ear Great Basin

This was a red Iron formation called (I think) “The Giant’s Ear)

Cave Bacon Great Basin

“Cave Bacon”

Looking at the Surrounding Mountains

The Grand Palace, Lehman Caves

“The Grand Palace”

A Deer Watches

A Ranger Points at the Ceiling

A Ranger flashes the light on graffiti left by previous guests

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