Epic Detours: Antelope Canyon

Epic Detours: Antelope Canyon


*While Antelope Canyon is not a National Park, it is one of the most beautiful natural places I’ve ever visited and thus, earned its own blog post. Enjoy!*

Deep within Navajo land in Arizona lies the stunning beautiful series of Slot Canyons known as Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon

Located just outside of the small town of Page, Arizona, Antelope Canyon has become one of the most iconic slot canyons in the world due to its natural twisting design and beautiful colors. Run entirely by various factions of the Navajo tribe, the Canyon has become oddly commercialized, with no less than half a dozen of these factions running “authorized tours” throughout the day for sums greater than $40/person.

Choosing to tour the more popular “Upper Antelope Canyon,” I was escorted through the quarter mile canyon just after Sunrise by my Navajo guide. Here are my photos from my trip:

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