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Gateway Arch

For my 57th National Park, I ditch my cowboy hat and hiking boots and head into the wilderness of downtown Saint Louis.

Previously known as the Jefferson National Expansion Monument, Gateway Arch National Park (known by most as the “Saint Louis Arch”) celebrates Saint Louis’ role in westward expansion. Defined by its iconic, 630 foot tall stainless steel arch, the monument became a National Park in 2018 after major renovations were done in downtown Saint Louis to both expand and improve the area around it.

Far and away the smallest National Park, the Gateway Arch is more celebration of history than a attempt at protecting wilderness. Here are my photos from my recent trip:

The Gateway Arch
Gateway Arch
Top of the Arch Downtown Saint Louis
Overlooking downtown Saint Louis from the top of the Arch
The Old Courthouse Building
The Old Courthouse Building
Beneath the Arch in the Museum
One of my favorites from a few years ago- the Arch at sunrise


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