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High atop the island of Maui stands a formidable sentinel – the mighty, dormant volcano, Haleakala. The heart of Haleakala National Park, this rugged landscape is more than just a beautiful backdrop. It’s a grand adventure waiting to unfold

My journey began at Kahului Airport, marking the start of an intense 35-mile journey into the clouds. Picture this: a relentless drive up an elevation gain of almost 10,000 feet, executed through an unending labyrinth of sharply inclined switchbacks, zigzagging their way up the massive volcano.

But the adventure was only beginning. As I ventured higher, an uninvited guest decided to crash my journey – a volatile cocktail of rain and fog. This shadowy cloak shrouded the road, adding an extra layer of suspense to an already intense drive. Haleakala’s crater, notorious for its cloud cover, seemed determined to keep its secrets hidden from me. I began to suspect I was on a wild goose chase.

Then, at around 9,000 feet, the unexpected occurred: I broke through the storm. In a scene straight out of a fantastical epic, above me spread a canvas of brilliant blue skies, while below, a sea of cloud billowed in surreal waves. It was as if I had crossed into another world, one where earthbound explorers could gaze down at the sky.

The crown jewel, Haleakala’s crater, generously unveiled itself from beneath its misty veil, offering a view that made every hairpin turn and blind curve of the journey worth it.

Here are my photos from the trip- I’ve also included a few from the afternoon I spent on the nearby “Road to Hana”!

Above the Clouds of Haleakala

Above the Clouds

Road to Hana- Out at Sea

Looking out at the sea from the Road to Hana

Hiking down to the Haleakala Crater

Twin Falls Maui

The “Twin Falls” from the Road to Hana



The tides



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