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Lake Clark

There is a place where beauty and peril intertwine, where the grandeur of untouched landscapes meets the relentless, raw power of Mother Nature. That place is Lake Clark National Park – the epitome of everything Alaskan. Its essence resonates with the wilderness explorer’s spirit and beckons to all intrepid adventurers, promising them an unforgettable encounter with the wild.

As this year’s epic Alaskan journey unfolds, it seemed only fitting that I commence where last year’s adventure met its unanticipated end: the enigmatic expanse of Lake Clark National Park. This park, unlike any other, not only signifies the triumph of return but also offers a taste of the unpredictable flavor of Alaskan exploration.

Accessing Lake Clark is an adventure in itself, no casual stroll or convenient drive would get you there.  Instead, you have two travel options, each with its own flavor of discomfort: a small, trembling bush plane ride or a long, contemplative boat trip that could double as a mini-sabbatical. All this only adds to the park’s exclusivity. It’s like a swanky, high-end club, being the third least visited National Park in the country. The velvet rope here is simply the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness.

Sprawled across a staggering 4 million-plus acres of protected terrain, Lake Clark is a breathtaking mosaic of everything Alaska’s boundless wilderness has to offer. Here, the epic drama of the natural world unfurls in an array of mesmerizing landscapes.

It is a realm where massive glaciers, giants of ice and snow, glisten in the Arctic sunlight, their mighty forms etched against the crystal-clear Alaskan sky. It boasts epic ice fields, vast stretches of frozen beauty that stretch out as far as the eye can see, an unbroken expanse of chilling splendor.

Punctuating this frosty wonderland are vibrantly blue lakes, their surfaces shimmering like mirrors, reflecting the grandeur of the park’s landscapes. These are complemented by long-winding rivers that snake their way through the terrain, acting as the park’s life-giving arteries.

And amidst this awe-inspiring scenery, Lake Clark’s most formidable residents make their presence known. Grizzly bears, hundreds of them, lumber across the park’s expanses, their hulking forms a magnificent, if slightly terrifying, sight to behold.

Thus, a venture into Lake Clark National Park isn’t merely a visit; it is a dive into a realm of raw, untamed beauty and danger, an experience that encapsulates the true spirit of Alaska’s wilderness. This is the place where the heart of the great outdoors beats, a place that promises a wild, unparalleled adventure to all who dare to answer its call.

Here are my photos from my recent trip:

Looking down at miles and miles of glacial ice in Lake Clark National Park

Looking down at miles and miles of glacial ice

Looking out at Lake Clark National Park from Bear Mountain Lodge

Looking out at the Park from Bear Mountain Lodge

Views of Lake Clark from the Bush Plane

Views of Lake Clark from the Bush Plane

Grizzly Bear in Lake Clark

One of the Park’s happiest residents

The Chigmit Mountains

The Chigmit Mountains

A winding river in Lake Clark

Bush Planes

Our ride into the Park

Overlooking a Glacier in the Chigmit Mountains

Overlooking a Glacier in the Chigmit Mountains

Views from above


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