A ferry passes amidst the glaciers in Glacier Bay National Park

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Glacier Bay

A realm of frozen grandeur beckons in the northernmost reaches of the Pacific, not atop a secluded mountain, hidden in a secluded valley, or secreted away in an unfathomable wilderness, but on a body of water that is as accessible as it is awe-inspiring. This is Alaska second most visited National Park, nestled snugly in the corner of the Gulf of Alaska.

While the typical pathway to this icy paradise involves boarding a cruise ship with an unnerving mix of ice-oglers and selfie enthusiasts, there’s an alternative route via the endearing town of Gustavus for those who appreciate the finer (read: quieter) things in life.

Now, Glacier Bay is not just any old park. This is nature’s equivalent of a spectacular winter-themed amusement park, sprawled across an almost unbelievable 3.2 million acres, with over 1,000 glaciers dotted around like particularly icy park benches.

What makes Glacier Bay an absolute treat is the kaleidoscope of natural wonders you can sample within a single day. For starters, there’s the shoreside spectator sport of bear-watching – try spotting these hulking, furry omnivores ambling about in their chunky coats. Then, keep an eye to the skies for eagles, putting on their aerial ballet with an Alaskan panorama as their stage.

In the midst of all this, you might just witness an ice-bound traffic jam of sorts – gleaming icebergs drifting aimlessly, calved from their parent glaciers, bobbing and twirling, showing off their unique icy silhouettes. But the heart-stopping, dramatic culmination of any trip to Glacier Bay is surely the front-row seat to the grand spectacle of tidewater glaciers. These frozen leviathans routinely shed chunks of ice into the bay in a phenomenal display of crash, splash, and pizazz – nature’s equivalent of dropping the mic.

To embark on a journey to Glacier Bay National Park is not merely to visit another corner of the globe. It is to witness an enduring testament to the majesty of the natural world, to confront the ageless spectacle of the Earth’s raw power, and to experience, first hand, the epic drama that is the perpetual dance of ice and water. It is an adventure that stirs the soul, that echoes long after the journey’s end, and forever alters one’s understanding of the world’s indomitable wild beauty.

Here are my photos from this incredible place:

Eagle on an Iceberg

A Bald Eagle perches on a small iceberg.

A Giant Glacier

Grizzly Bears in Glacier Bay National Park

A Family of Grizzly Bears roams the shores for food

A Cruise Ship poses in front of the  Margerie Glacier

A Cruise Ship poses in front of the Margerie Glacier

A Puffin floats on by

A Puffin floats on by

The local Sealions

A ferry passes amidst the glaciers in Glacier Bay National Park

A ferry passes amidst the glaciers


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